Welcome to ‘Festa, a subdivision of our larger business that creates a space for individuals, small business owners, and skilled members of the community to join in on our vision of community kinship. At our salon, we believe that the success of our business is intrinsically linked to the success of our community and businesses around us. ‘Festa is the part of Manifesta specifically dedicated to supporting that success! This support is demonstrated in three primary manners.

First, in our physical space, you will find several kiosks filled with goods for sale from independent makers and retailers - art, jewelry, artisan foods and more!

Second, you will also note from time to time, that we move our styling stations and salon furniture to the side in order to host community events - social gatherings, fundraisers, classes and the like!

Lastly, if you follow our social media or blog, you will see that we often use our channels to let you know about what’s going on in the world outside Manifesta. Truly amazing people come through these doors of ours, and they are doing truly amazing things. Things we think you ought to know about! So check us out and we promise to do our best to connect you to the rest of Oakland and beyond. See below for things going on in our community now and in the past!

Current 'Festa Partners

Woop Woop Fine Foods
These delicious, locally made, gluten-free treats are available daily - for when your three-hour hair appointment leaves you needing a little boost!

Gina Rios Jewelry
Check out this Portland-based artist’s beautiful wearable sculpture! Inspired by line and form, Gina creates jewelry that wears easily and naturally and yet stands out against the organic body.

V by Viscera
V by Viscera is all natural, simple, gentle products that will nourish your skin, and make you feel great. They are committed to bringing to Oakland products free of synthetics, dyes, alcohol, and cruelty. You can check out their brick and mortar shop just down the street at 1542 Broadway.

Earth Majesty Jewelry
Another Oakland- based artist, Eva creates vibrant, colorful work inspired by her travels around the world and the city around her. Most of her pieces are comprised of different materials tastefully mixed into bold, energetic, wearable art!

Alisa Etzel Photography
We welcome our newest ‘Festa partner, Alisa!

What’s new around Manifesta?

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